Memory Teddy Bears
Memory bears are hand made teddy bears using your supplied materials.
Do you have an article of clothing that has a special meaning for you?  Maybe it's that prom dress in the back of the closet or Grandma's apron hiding in that drawer.  It may be a bowling shirt from the winning team or your late husband's favorite shirt.
These memory bears can be made from other items too.
What about that tablecloth from your Aunt or that special blanket or quilt.
If it can be sewn, I can make you a teddy bear from it.
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The price for one memory bear is $30.00

If you would like a teddy bear made especially for you, 
send your material(s) along with your shipping information and a check made payable to 
Colleen Burnell for $42.00 (bear + S/H) to:
Colleen Burnell
CAB Creek Crafts
send an email for address please

Only one bear can be made from each shirt.  

If you would like to order more than one bear 
e-mail me for your combined shipping rate.  
If you would like to pay with PayPal write me for an invoice

Handmade cloth dolls and Teddy Bears 
by Colleen
Port St Lucie, Florida
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The bear on the bottom was made from an air force camo shirt.  The name patch was put on the front of the bear and the USAF patch was put on the flap of the pocket.  The pocket was made into a little backpack for the bear to wear.  I thought this would be a nice place to stash any memorabilia pertaining to the deceased.
The teddy bears eyes were made from the buttons on this shirt.

The bear in the chair was for the same customer.  This little teddy was made from a favorite sweater.  I used the same buttons for the eyes on this bear too.
The nose and mouth were embroidered by hand.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work on my husbands teddy bear.  I appreciate it so much and I will cherish it with all my heart .... thank you so much again.
Dianne - Sterling Hgts., Mi.