Custom Made Dolls
A doll made from your family's vintage linens would make a lovely gift, or better still, something special for you or your daughter to cherish for years to come.
I custom make these dolls from one freshly laundered pillowcase.  Additional items such as
hankies, dresser scarves, doilies, and tea towels that coordinate with your pillowcase can usually be incorporated into the dress to make your doll even more special.
Treetop angels can also be made from your linens.
The angels look best when made from thin materials such as sheer dresser scarves or lace curtains.
Want an extra special doll?  Let me make you a pillowcase doll or treetop angel from your wedding gown, your daughters first communion dress, or any special occasion dress!!
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Do you only have a hanky?  No problem.  These adorable little babies are handcrafted from one hanky.  Hang her in your home, decorate a package, give as a gift, or even hang on your Christmas tree!  
The cost for one custom made pillowcase doll is $30.00, the treetop angel is $55.00, and the little hanky baby can be made for $10.00.
I require that you wash your linens beforehand, so that I can accurately match colors while designing the dress.  If your linens are stained or yellowed, presoak them in BIZ overnight before you wash them (you'll be amazed at the results!!!).

Dolls can usually be completed within one to two weeks, but since I complete them in the order that they are received, it may take slightly longer at certain times of the year.  Please e-mail me with any questions.

If you have some special linens tucked away in your closet or cedar chest, get them out where they can be seen and appreciated!!!
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pillowcase doll
Treetop angel
pillowcase doll/wedding
Hanky baby
Handmade cloth dolls and Teddy Bears 
by Colleen
Port St Lucie, Florida
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