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Hanky Babies
This little baby hanky doll is handcrafted from vintage handkerchiefs or napkins.
Hang her in your home, decorate a package, give as a gift, or even hang her on your Christmas tree!  She is a big hit at baby showers too!
Each hanky baby doll has a cloth body with polymer clay head and hands. 
 Her hair is brown. 
Overall length is approx. 8" long depending on the size of the handkerchief.
$13.95 each
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Hanky baby #2043
Handkerchief Doll #2049
Handkerchief Doll #2051
"Colleen, I just love my hanky baby.  She is so sweet!  What a wonderful idea crafting a doll from a hanky.  What a unique gift idea for that special friend or family member too."                          Bev-     Australia
To pay for your hanky baby with a check or money order just print this order form and send it along with your payment to the address provided.  Remember - these dolls are one-of-a-kind so I would suggest you send me an email to let me know your payment is on the way so I can put your doll on hold for you.
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hanky baby 2081
handkercheif doll #2066
handkercheif doll #2082
hanky baby 2084
hanky doll
hanky baby #2083
hanky baby #2085
Handmade cloth dolls and Teddy Bears 
by Colleen
Port St Lucie, Florida
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hanky baby 2079
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