Hanky Babies 2
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Here are more hanky baby dolls made with a women's handkerchief or a napkin. The hanky doll has a cloth body and her head and hands are made out of polymer clay
The hanky doll measures about 8" and each one is unique!
$13.95 each
Handkerchief Doll
hanky baby 2090
To pay for your hanky baby with a check or money order just print this order form and send it along with your payment to the address provided.  Remember - these dolls are one-of-a-kind so I would suggest you send me an email to let me know your payment is on the way so I can put your doll on hold for you.
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handkerchief doll #2073
hanky doll #2074
handkerchief doll #2075
hanky baby #2087
hanky baby 2088
hanky baby 2089
Handmade cloth dolls and Teddy Bears 
by Colleen
Port St Lucie, Florida
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